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OSI SAF Reprocessed SeaWinds L2 winds
Product status: second version of CDR released
The QuikSCAT nominal mission ended on November 23, 2009 due to problems with the SeaWinds instrument antenna spinning mechanism. QuikSCAT was launched in 1999 and was already operating 7 years beyond its design life.

A new version of the reprocessed SeaWinds L2 25 km and 50 km winds Climate Data Records (CDR) was released in 2024. The records cover the full mission history from July 1999 until November 2009. Scatterometer data have been collocated with ECMWF ERA5 winds and scatterometer level 2 wind products have been created at 25-km (doi:10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_0016) and 50-km (doi:10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_0017) swath grids. The reprocessed data, in BUFR and NetCDF format, are available online from the EUMETSAT Data Centre after registration.
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