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Scatterometry Training Material
We participate in training on wind scatterometer applications, ranging from marine forecasting to Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and oceanography. A selection of web links is provided below.

Presentations and documents for the NWP SAF mesoscale data assimilation workshop, September 2018:
Presentation held at the workshop
Summary of the workshop, presented at the EUMETSAT satellite conference
Wind Bias Correction Guide, v1.3 (NWPSAF-KN-UD-007)
High resolution data assimilation guide, v1.2 (NWPSAF-KN-UD-008)

Mark Higgins, training officer at EUMETSAT, explains how to interpret the ASCAT data: (video)

OSI SAF ASCAT winds all over the oceans: (video)

Training course: Applications of Satellite Wind and Wave Products for Marine Forecasting, December 2011: (video)

The Xynthia Storm by ASCAT on EUMETRain website:

EUMETrain Ocean and Sea Week, October/November 2011: (video)

NWP SAF Scatterometer Data Assimilation Workshop, April 2011:

Use of Satellite Wind & Wave Products for Marine Forecasting:

EUMETSAT satellite data visualisation:

Using Scatterometer Wind and Altimeter Wave Estimates in Marine Forecasting on MetEd/Comet:

Ocean and Sea Ice SAF webinar on Climate Data Records on EUMETSAT training website:
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